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Telling It Like It Is on Facebook Telling It Like It Is is now on Facebook, with our own Facebook fan page. I have been asked more times than I can count to create a Facebook fan page for this blog, Telling It Like It Is, so this past weekend I created a fan page and I’d like to invite all of you to come and enjoy the page with me.

When I’ve been asked, Why don’t you have a fan page on Facebook for this site, I really didn’t have a good answer for them. I’ve had a personal Facebook for quite a long time, and since I’ve been writing on this site for several years, I really should have made a fan page for subscribed readers and followers to “Like” and actively engage with outside of the comments section here a long time ago.

I have a very nice fan base, as well as Twitter followers, and an increasing number of subscribers who consistently read my articles, and for that I’m very grateful. So it makes perfect sense that there be an active Facebook fan page for all of you to participate in and where I have the opportunity to communicate with you in a less formal setting.

As readers can see on the right side column of this site, I’ve had a “networked blogs” widget displayed there for quite a long time, and more of you have begun to “follow” this site in that manner. Unfortunately, the networked blogs thingamajig doesn’t really allow for off-site communication between myself and readers.

I also receive a steady supply of private emails from subscribed readers and viewers asking a variety of questions or wanting suggestions on how to handle particular problem situations I’ve written about here. Other than the comment section and emails, there hasn’t been a way for readers to chat with me on a more personal level, which is the primary reason why so many have asked me to make a fan page on Facebook.

Having a Facebook fan page has quite a few great benefits, and one of the fun things I have planned on doing is increasing the number of product reviews and giveaway contests here. Having the fan page will help to promote the various products and giveaways, like cool toys for kids and new stuff on the market that I personally like and trust the quality, but also the fan page will allow me to engage with you on a more one-on-one basis.

I really like the look and design of the Telling It Like It Is Facebook fan page, and I hope you will come check out the fan page and let me know what you think of the design. I like the design and imaging so much that I’m giving serious thought to changing the layout of this site to come as close as possible to matching the design from the fan page, especially implementing the cover photo from the fan page onto this site. So, please do check out the fan page and let me know what you think of the design.

I already manage a few different fan pages on Facebook, for a variety of “causes” I strongly believe in, and since there are several “admins” posting content and answering questions etc for those fan pages, it won’t be difficult at all for me to maintain and contribute to the family-friendly fan page created for this site on Facebook.

I also want to make very clear that anything and everything posted or shared on the fan page will be done manually, by me personally. I’ve seen quite a few fan pages where article links and various shares of one thing or another are set to automatically post onto the fan page, while the admin/owner isn’t even logged into the fan page and can’t reply to any comments or questions until hours later. If ever. Everything on our new fan page is and will be manually posted or shared, by me personally.

So, readers and followers and fans of Telling It Like It Is, this is your official invitation to come like us on Facebook, share it with your family and friends, and take a moment to say hello. I’ll see you there!

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