Me About Telling It Like It Is

Who am I?

My name is Lin Burress and I am a writer and Author of Telling It Like It Is. My interests include Decorating, Genealogy research, shopping and of course, writing!

Disclaimer: I speak my mind as a straight-shooter, which means I don’t mince words. I am assertive and straight-forward, while also being respectful and kind. No one has to guess what I think or how I feel on any given subject.

Where are you?

I’m a native of Toledo Ohio, but spent most of my growing up years living in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I’ve lived in Texas for many years and currently live in Plano Texas with my adoring husband and two dogs.

What do I write about?

As the author of the multi-generational Telling It Like It Is blog, subjects include parenting children of all ages, from birth to tween/teens to parenting adult children. Blended families (aka step families), Entitlement issues, In-Law problems, Caring for Elderly Parents, Marriage, Divorce, and much more.

My blog has been voted and honored as 50 Best Mom Blogs by Radical Parenting for 2008. Telling It Like It Is has received free publicity from The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, as well as blogging awards, links and accolades from fellow writers and bloggers.

Why do you keep this blog?

I started this blog to share my knowledge and experiences of being a woman, wife and mother. My blog quickly evolved into a website where men, women, children and teens discover they are not alone in things they have experienced in the past or are now experiencing.

My articles on this blog have helped thousands upon thousands of readers find solutions to problems within family and business relationships. Readers regularly contact me by email and through the comments section with questions, concerns and personal problems, knowing that I can relate to their situation.

I have authored articles on websites such as Suite101, Articles Base, Associated Content and Today.com, with more to come. I also author the American Idol Fan Site blog throughout the Idol season.


Please note: I do NOT sell text links on this blog. Period. I offer Product Reviews and Giveaways from the viewpoint of an experienced woman, wife, mother and grandmother. Plainly put, I’ve “been around the block” and I know a few things!

If you are interested in having me review your Family Friendly product(s) or services and write about them on my blog, feel free to email me with the subject line “Product Review and Giveaway”, and I will reply within 24 to 48 hours to discuss the details.

I am an active user on Social Networking sites, which will exponentially increase the “buzz” surrounding your products and/or services. I have an established and loyal following on Twitter and Facebook; where fans and friends are always helpful in passing the word along to everyone they know in their own social networks.

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Telling It Like It Is

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I value and appreciate my readers, so comments and feedback are always welcome. If you have tips, article suggestions, freebies and/or coupons to pass along, please contact me at tiddlytwinks AT gmail DOT com.

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