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Everything you see and read on “Telling It Like It Is” is copyrighted and you will need to observe these “Copyright/Comment Rules and Regulations” when you plan to distribute, share, or use content from this blog.

Telling It Like It Is Copyright Regulations for Content-

You are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this blog under the following conditions:

  • Attribution. You must attribute the content that you’ve used by including a link back to the specific content post. You must not suggest or imply that Telling It Like It Is endorses you or your use of the content on this blog.
  • You are not allowed to republish the entire article/blog post on your website even if attribution is made.
  • Only excerpts of less than 100 words from each article will be allowed to be published on other websites. A link back to the specific article permalink must be included.
  • Noncommercial Usage. You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless given pre-authorization.
  • Derivative Works. You may build upon this work as long as proper attribution (see above) is given.

If you want to syndicate or distribute the full article on your website, please contact me for permission. Permission must be granted before you do so.

What happens when you steal content from Telling It Like It Is?

You’ll get an irate, pissed off blogger on your hands. You will only be given one warning. If the warning is ignored, I will immediately begin the following steps (after I have gathered unmistakable proof of your copyright violation):

  • I will report this copyright violation to your web hosting company along with your IP address and get all your websites un-hosted. If you switch to another company, I’ll report you to them as well.
  • I will report all copyright violations and will make sure you get banned permanently from all advertising networks you use.
  • I will report your websites to the search engines and request that they de-index and blacklist your websites.
  • I will get as many details as possible on your web profile and publish it on all of the blogs, websites and forums possible.
  • I will let every social network or forum you are a member of, know that you are a content thief.
  • I will email everyone who links to you and inform that you are stealing content from me.

If you are in the U.S, I will hit you with a DMCA notice. If you are anywhere else, you’ll get a cease and desist letter from my copyright lawyer.

Comment Policy for Telling It Like It Is

  • Signature Links will likely be deleted. I see no use for them and they add clutter to the comment section.
  • Relevant links are encouraged if they are strongly related to the topic discussed in the article. Irrelevant links will be deleted without any notice.
  • Spamming your URL by posting short, pointless comments (’nice post’) will not help as I will delete these comments as well. You will have wasted your time.
  • Irrelevant but legitimate comments which are entirely off-topic and not related to the post in question will be removed.
  • Hateful or Abusive Remarks against another person’s race, religion or creed will be deleted as they are offensive.
  • Comments are moderated and I reserve the exclusive right to delete any comment I deem necessary without warning.

You play nice, and so will I.

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