How to Make Baby Shower Diaper Cakes – Make Your Own Homemade Baby Shower Diaper Cake

For the baby shower I’ve been planning, I decided to make my own baby shower diaper cake to use as a centerpiece decoration gift. For anyone who has yet to make a diaper cake on their own, making a diaper cake is not hard, just time consuming. The large diaper cake I made for the girl baby shower was the very first diaper cake attempt I’ve ever made, and once the “cake” was completed, I was quite happy and satisfied with how it turned out.

Mind you, the idea of making a diaper cake for the baby shower made me somewhat nervous since I had never made one before. I spent several days viewing pictures of diaper cakes online and reading instructions posted to gather some ideas of how diaper cakes are made and what “ingredients” are typically used, and to try and understand how each of the diaper cake layers are secured to each other so the cake didn’t turn out looking like The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
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