Leaving Dentistry…Finally

Leaving Dentistry I’m leaving dentistry, finally. It was not an overnight decision to get out of the dental field. Quitting dentistry by simply saying, “Bye, I quit!” and walking out the door with my head held high was not an option I was able/prepared to do. The decision to leave dentistry has not been emotionally driven.

A lot of deep thought and time went into my final decision to quit dentistry completely and begin the process of a new career path. Initially I had thought and considered the possibility of staying in dentistry, but changing positions to where I would no longer work directly on patients in the operatory and at the front desk, to a new position as a regional director overseeing office production of many corporate-owned dental offices, with my focus being on the business management side of dentistry.

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Natural Health, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

What does consuming coconut oil have to do with overall good health, physical degeneration and dental health? Coconut oil? Really?! That question was my initial reaction to seeing several books about coconut oil, “oil pulling”, and the health benefits of consuming coconut oil on the shelves in some holistic dental offices recently.

Readers may recall my mentioning some of the many natural health and holistic nutrition books I’ve been reading over the last few months, discovered during the time I spent as a dental professional observing and watching the methods and dental protocols used in a variety of local holistic, fluoride free and mercury free dental offices. In one holistic dental office in particular, the book shelves in the doctor’s private office was filled with books on natural health and nutrition, books about coconut oil and its many health benefits, and the dental office reception/waiting room had many of those same books on display.
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Nutrition, Teeth, and Good Health – by Dr. Tom McGuire

When most people think about good nutrition, they assume that the only important thing is what’s in their food. Well, chew on this: Teeth—that’s right, teeth!—play a critical role, too.

The connection may not be obvious at first glance, but if you have missing teeth or dental disease, you simply won’t get the maximum nutritional value from food.

Maybe you already know that unhealthy teeth and gums can contribute to serious diseases, such as heart ailments, osteoporosis, and even diabetes, and severely stress the immune system. The end result is that your quality of life and longevity may suffer. But I’m betting you don’t know how teeth also fit into the nutrition part of this equation.
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Big Pharma vs Natural Health – Natural Health Remedies vs Drugs R Us

It’s great to have goals. Everyone should have them. Maybe you don’t have one this very minute, but are working that area of self-development. In creating a goal for yourself, however, have you ever set out to be greedy, insensitive to others, deceptive, lying, cheating or manipulating to reach that goal? It would be hard to believe anyone would be like that, isn’t it?

About ten years ago I heard that the drug companies had a goal – seriously – to get every single man, woman and child on some kind of drug for some kind of reason. (Check out the movie trailer linked below – it is “officially” their goal!) Seems they figured out uninformed, naïve and trusting people would rather pop a pill for every little thing than actually deal with it.
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