How Do I Stop My Labrador Chewing Everything?

Our Labrador chews everything and anything she can get her teeth around, or maybe I should say she chews everything that isn’t made of metal or steel. When our Labrador was a small young puppy and not ready to be an outside dog kept mostly in the backyard, our brown Lab puppy was kept in the house in a crate when we weren’t home. By the time she had grown to be about six months old, she dug a sizable hole in the carpet in one room, and from there on out was put in the backyard with a dog house and toys etc to play with.

Our Lab still chews everything she can get her teeth around. I don’t want to even think about the amount of money we have had to spend to repair our backyard fence because our Lab chewed the wood fence off, escaping from our yard through a hole she dug. I was seriously considering buying our Labrador a It Wasn’t Me Dog Tag for Christmas this year. To say our Labrador chews everything is an understatement. She has chewed rubber garden hoses, and once replaced, she chews the new hose again into tiny little pieces and the pieces are left strewn throughout the yard.
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