300 Crafts for Kids in 2011 Is About So Much More Than Just Crafts  

Tired of winter? Tired of being inside the house with nothing new to do? Are your kids bouncing off the walls? Gummy Lump to the rescue with a NEW KIDS CRAFT practically every day! That’s right! This year you and your child can join GummyLump.com in making 300 easy kids crafts that will entertain your kids while helping them develop a wide variety of key skills!

As the Mom of two 3.5 year olds I am always looking for creative things to do with my children. More than that, I’m also looking for educational activities that will develop fine motor skills, increase self confidence, develop problem solving skills, express creativity, break the boredom, and allow us to more closely bond during one on one time. My answer came as a result of my New Year’s Resolution to my kids: to spend more quality time with them every day. How?
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