5 Ways For Senior Citizens To Beat The Winter Blues

No matter how old we are, the winter does not have to be a period of hibernation where we stay at home and do nothing but watch TV and wait for Spring time. With proper preparation, good diet, and a proper daily routine we can all, especially Seniors, come through the cold season looking and feeling as good as when we went into it. Senior health seems to suffer the most during these cold months.

The 5 steps below are designed to help you plan for the Winter season:

1. Be prepared

Establish an exercise routine which you can perform both inside and outside your home. Use an exercise bike, gentle aerobics, or a yoga routine and find your preference in the Fall.

Get your electric, plumbing and heating systems checked before the freeze sets in. Stockpile wood or fuel in sufficient quantities.

Get a flu vaccine and buy extra of your usual medications. You can still get snowed in even in the city so think about what you may need and have it ready.

2. Maintain Your Routine

Senior Citizens

Do not stay in bed late just because it is cold outside. Get up and eat, exercise and keep yourself just as you do the rest of the year. Keep up your exercise routine.

If you have a freezer, then stockpile food for those days when you cannot get out to the shops. A healthy diet is one of the most important aspects of health for senior citizens so prepare wholesome and energy providing meals.

If you are not taking vitamin supplements, then check with a doctor and start taking them routinely. There are many types designed for older people, and they help to keep you healthy when fresh fruit, vegetables, and sunlight are harder to find.

3. Keep Warm

Old age makes us susceptible to the cold and conditions like hypothermia. Apart from eating well and keeping fit, you will need to keep your home warm. Check into fixed payment schemes which spread the costs of winter heating over the whole year and guarantee you will not be cut off at the worst time.

Dress for the weather, especially when you go outside. Good shoes with solid grip are essential on ice or snow covered ground. Wear a hat because we lose a large percentage of heat from our heads.

4. Keep In Contact

Senior Health Tips

Many older people experience loneliness and mental isolation during the winter which leads to apathy and a corresponding deterioration in health.

If you can afford them, you should maintain a phone or internet connection at least. Keep in contact with friends and family throughout the whole year, not just in the winter time. A few minutes of conversation or an email always lifts the spirits and bring a sense of well-being. A healthy and happy mind is as important as a healthy body.

5. Get out

Whenever there is a warm spell and conditions are not treacherous, try to get out of the house and go shopping or visit family and friends.

If it is your turn to host, then invite people over as much as possible. Friends of a similar advancing age will appreciate the invite and be happy to get out themselves.

Do not waste the whole winter getting run down and depressed. Maintain your contacts, stay fit and healthy, look after yourself and those that are dear to you.

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