Assisted Living Vs Nursing Homes – Which One To Choose?

Growing older is no fun for anyone, but as our bodies grow weak and more fragile, we must consider our options.  The two options really depend on the amount of care the senior person needs.  The family members researching the options for their loved ones need to consider mental well-being, physical status, medication requirements, driving capabilities, proximity, before selecting either an Assisted Living facility or a Nursing Home.

Before you go to this new place called home or send your loved ones to one, there’s a need to differentiate the services between an assisted living facility and a nursing home.

Would you rather a private apartment or a facility with round the clock medical attention?

Are you in need of intense medical care or do you need the minimal amount?

Do you enjoy freedom or does your health not allow you to enjoy your freedom?

Assisted Living Facilities

As any decisions go, weighing the pros and cons helps ease the struggle of putting your loved one in a nursing home. The first step is identifying the amount of care your loved one will require.

Assisted living homes offer less care but may have an on-site dining hall.  Nursing homes offer an equivalent service plus full medical care 24 hrs a day. Therefore if your loved one deals with health or mental issues chronically, and the problem has no sign of subsiding a nursing home is the best option.

Take into consideration due to regularly checking on your loved one that person will have limited freedom. It’s understandable why a facility would function like that. On the contrary to assisted living, nursing homes offer more freedom, but less assistance.

It’s not as if the employees just refuse to be of assistance to the elderly. In all actuality, it’s the elder’s choice if they would like to receive assistance.

While they still have the time, assisted living homes to aim to promote independence in individuals. People in assisted living homes usually are more capable of doing the basics of living compared to nursing home patients.

This being said Medicare and Medicaid, a majority of the time don’t cover assisted living homes, rather it’s used at nursing homes for people who are more in need.

Nursing Homes

Assisted living homes and nursing homes appeal to both the same demographics but a few subtle differences could make a huge impact on your loved one’s life.

Assisted living homes are more centered towards independent elders who don’t need the assistance that entails they will be in bed 24/7 or having 24/7 help.

While also providing a more home-like environment with privacy as well. Because who doesn’t enjoy their privacy? Nursing Homes are focused on people who are in need of around the clock medical attention and 24/7 assistance.

Rather this service is for Medicare or Medicaid patients who require the constant assistance.

Elders usually start off in assisted living homes, then as health issues gradually get worse they are put in nursing homes.

The freedom behind assisted living homes draw people in, as well as prices not being so high compared to nursing homes. This causes health conditions to worsen to a state it can’t be reversed or at least helped.

Instead of prolonging the problem the government offers subsiding programs to ease the financial burden behind putting your loved one in a nursing home.

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