How Long Term Care Insurance Fraud Preys on Seniors

When it comes to Long Term Care Insurance Fraud, the Lie is Out There!

What do you look for to avoid long term care fraud?

Imagine if a long term care agent came to your door and said:

“Hello, I would like you to buy a long term care insurance policy that does not protect your savings. It will give you an exceptionally high premium cost, and charge you for services that you did not receive nor require.”

You would slam the door on such a purveyor of long term care insurance fraud.

Despite the existence of these frauds, there are many legitimate long term care insurance policy agents who can truly deliver.

It is tax advantageous to take out one of these policies, especially with the limits of Medicaid … Read More

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What Do You Get with AARP Long Term Care Insurance?

AARP Long Term Care Insurance is more than just a name you can trust.

Will your long term care insurance be there when you need it?

Many adults make plans to save money for their children’s college educations, so they are not surprised when they see tuition costs of $20,000, or even $50,000 a year.

Many people however, are surprised when a parent or another loved one requires long term care, and are suddenly hit with nursing home bills in the $60,000 range. But this long term care advice can help you face such a prospect.

Depending on where you live and your needs, nursing homes can cost $60,000 or more per year.

Most health insurance plans do not cover the costs of long term care.

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Guide to Financing Long Term Care Insurance

Do You Know How You Will Be Financing Long Term Care?

By planning ahead, you can avoid a long term care financial crisis.

Many people choose not to think about financing long term care.

They assume that their health insurance or Medicare will cover the costs.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most health insurance policies do not cover long term care, or LTC.

While medicare is increasing the kinds of care it will cover, it is not as comprehensive as people assume.

Finding out about funding for long term care in advance will help you prepare and avoid a financial catastrophe.

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Get Long Term Care Insurance Facts

Educate yourself and obtain long term care insurance facts so you can make wise decisions for your health care.

What are the most important Long Term Care Insurance Facts?

The first thing take note of when gathering long term care insurance facts is what region you are living in.

Long term care costs vary widely from state to state.

You can find estimates of costs by state online, or from insurance providers or advocates. For the most accurate estimate of what costs are in your community, contact local nursing homes or assisted living facilities directly.

This way you can get the most accurate picture of current costs in your area, or the area you plan to receive care in.

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How To Get a Proper Long Term Care Quote

Long term care quotes used to be a hassle and an expense.

Not only would you have to pay for the long term care insurance itself, but you would also have to pay for figuring out how much you would need to pay!

Those days are over.

With the advent of the Internet, you can get a long term care insurance quote that will inform you of the kinds of policies that will be most advantageous to you.

So, what will long term care quotes tell you?

They will give you an idea of how certain factors, such as your current age, condition of health, and the amount of coverage you want, will affect the price you will have to pay for long term health care insurance.

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What is long term health care and who pays for it?

See what help and options you have when it comes to long term health care…

What are your options when it comes to long term health care?

This long term care review’s purpose is to inform you of the possibilities regarding your long term care health and insurance options.

Usually, an individual who is in need of long term heath care will be responsible for paying the bills. In some cases a family member or in rare cases a friend may volunteer to pay for the cost of long term care.

Whoever signs as the responsible party for payment of services carries the burden of paying the costs of care.

If an individual has Medicare insurance, Medicare will only pay for a small amount of long term care and does … Read More