Get Long Term Care Insurance Facts

Educate yourself and obtain long term care insurance facts so you can make wise decisions for your health care.

What are the most important Long Term Care Insurance Facts?

The first thing take note of when gathering long term care insurance facts is what region you are living in.

Long term care costs vary widely from state to state.

You can find estimates of costs by state online, or from insurance providers or advocates. For the most accurate estimate of what costs are in your community, contact local nursing homes or assisted living facilities directly.

This way you can get the most accurate picture of current costs in your area, or the area you plan to receive care in.

There are many long term care issues that are important to consider, even before you need LTC.

There are big questions like what kind of long term health care is available and how much does it cost.

When it comes to costs, do you need a private long term care policy or can you use medicaid long term care?

If you’re thinking about buying a policy, is it a good idea for you to get it directly from a company, like John Hancock long term care insurance, or buy from a group, like AARP?

To make these big decisions, you’ll need all the right facts.

This long term care review can get you started on the search for the information you need.

Other variables that are state-dependent are Medicaid and Medicare eligibility rules.

For example, Illinois Medicaid guidelines are different from other state’s guidelines, even neighboring states like Indiana, Michigan and Missouri.

If you are thinking of relying on Medicaid for long term care costs, get the facts on eligibility from the department that handles Medicaid for your state.

If you’ve decided you would rather buy a policy from a long term care insurance company, you will want to gather all the long term care insurance facts available so you can make an accurate comparison between companies and their policies.

Financial ratings agencies like Weiss offer unbiased reports on the financial stability of companies.

An unstable company is more likely to collapse before you are able to claim benefits, so if you’re considering buying from a smaller insurer, buying a financial rating report is a good way to protect yourself.

Another way to get long term care insurance facts is through your state’s department of insurance or similar department, or a community-based consumer advocacy group.

States often have information available on the internet or in local libraries concerning insurance companies’ financial information, fraud reports, complaint data as well as the latest news on insurance.

They also have tips for buying the right kinds of policies. Many universities also run websites with similar information and reports that can help you get all the facts you need.

caregiver assisting with walking

While gathering all these long term care insurance facts may take a little time, it is worth your while.

Whether you’re deciding between Medicaid or Metlife or between differing daily coverage amounts in potential policies, the more information you have, the better choices you’ll be able to make.

Getting the right long term care insurance facts in the beginning can save you time and money in the long run.

And to get specific facts about your situation, consider obtaining a free long term care insurance quote online.

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