What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is one of  several natural remedies in the alternative medicine sphere that is practiced all over the world.

It finds its roots in China where it has existed for thousands of years and is still practiced most of China’s top medical facilities.

In the rest of the world, however, it is considered as an alternate form of medication rather than the primary.

What exactly is it?

Although it has evolved over time, Chinese medicine is a practice that involves not only natural cures using herbal and plant-based medication but also uses physical practices such acupuncture and massages as a remedy for ailments.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believes in the concept that the body’s Vital Energy, which they refer to as Qi, flows through channels inside our system that are all connected through channels to our organs and all our bodily functions.

Apart from that, the practice also believes that the body requires to be spiritually balanced for all its organs to function properly.

The two energies (opposing energies of Yin Yang) need to be kept in check. It believes that any bodily ailment or a disease is caused due to disharmony in these structures and balances.

tea for traditional chinese medicine

Food Therapy

They also believe in food therapy helping with some diseases. The sequence that Chinese food therapy follows is to consume Yang (such as Miso Soup or raw fish) followed by Yin (such as vegetables).

How are ailments diagnosed?

In TCM, the primary way in which a patient is diagnosed is by studying their pulse and their tongue.

While the shape and color of the tongue play a role in detecting a disease, teeth marks on a certain side of the tongue are also held as evidence. For instance, teeth marks on a particular side of the tongue might indicate some trouble with the Heart or Liver.

What is the Medication made of?

There are roughly over 13,000 raw materials that are used in Chinese medicines to combine and produce natural remedies for various ailments and diseases.

Mostly these raw materials come from plant extracts while some come from animal substances as well which include deer antlers and parts of a scorpion.

Are they efficient?

While there hasn’t been enough scientific research done on how efficient traditional Chinese Medicines are or how rooted they are in scientific evidence; certain groups swear by their efficacy. In the Western world, Chinese medicine remains as an alternate medication till sufficient proof is available for its efficacy. However, there are certain ailments such as backache, obesity, asthma, etc., which are said to be cured easily using these natural remedies.

If you want to try out one of these natural cures for treating your ailments,however, you should always consult a professional as self-medicating could pose dangerous threats.

You can also visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_Chinese_medicine for more information.

It is also important to conduct a thorough research into the path that you want to take with Traditional Chinese Medicines before you plunge into it.

There is always the less serious acupuncture or massage therapy that you can opt for to get started.

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